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A short article about Music boxes

Sorrento music boxes are the hot favorite of the collectors all over the world. We are proud to offer you a variety of most stunning music boxes. These authentic music boxes are procured by us from the traditional artisans of Sorrento. They are the original handmade wonders from Italy.

You can use these music boxes to add élan to your own collection, gift to a hobbyist friend or present it to your sweetheart on the Valentine’s Day. It is a great gift item for all occasions. We have suitable Sorrento Music boxes for all occasions and for all ages.

Our specialty lies in adding music boxes in the latest trends, every now and then. So you can be sure of getting the trendiest Sorrento music boxes from us.

All about Sorrento Music boxes

Sorrento is renowned for its excellence in wood work. The art of wood work and marquetry have flourished in Sorrento for centuries. The Sorrento artists have given a new dimension to the art and have produced a whole set of art pieces which came to be known as Sorrento ware. This include, wood panels, furniture and music boxes with elaborate marquetry and inlay work.

The music boxes were originally used as snuff boxes. So they were of very small size, so that they could be stashed away in a gentleman’s waist coat pocket. But afterwards they began to be used for other purposes like keeping trinkets or jewelry.

Sorrento music boxes gained popularity mainly because of the kinds of wood used. Sorrento craftsmen used wood from exotic trees like white poplar, burl elm, briar and rosewood. Each of these has its own characteristic color and burls. The boxes were shaped from these woods and polished to a gloss using special lacquers. The natural burls and grain formations give these boxes a marvelous look.

The inlay is very special in Sorrento. The artists trace the picture they want on the required surface. This picture is then divided into tiny components. These tiny components are cut out from veneers of different wood pieces of various colors. These pieces are then suck on to the pictures and polished, if a shading effect is needed these pieces of veneer are dipped in hot sand and the scorched part will give the required shading effect. Thus the colorful picture will be complete without actually using artificial coloring agents.

Each of the Sorrento music boxes is handmade thus and so are 100% unique. No two music boxes will be the same. The art of inlay is also handed down from generation to generation by the maestros of the period.

These authentic Sorrento music boxes are then fitted with the automatic musical device. This device consists of a metal drum and a metal comb. The metal drum is fitted with tiny pins at various points. The teeth of the metal comb are pre-tuned to produce sounds of the required pitch. These two are fixed together so that when the drum is rotated, the pins on it pluck the teeth of the comb and the music is produced.

The music boxes are given different shapes. Apart from the containers, they are often crafted in the form of water globes, animated scenery and figurines etc.

Our site - You can easily browse through our site to select the ones you want. You will see all the available music boxes in our site. They are all exquisite pieces.

Shipping – When you choose the item/items you want, it is our responsibility to see that you get the music box/boxes of your choice as soon as possible and in perfect condition. They will be wrapped carefully and securely. However, in case of any damage, let us know and we will replace them free of charge.

by Marina Chernyak

Amazing Music Boxes

Heart wine red Shape music box

Quick view Heart wine red Shape music box $271.70  $225.70
H: 2.75" W: 7.00" L: 6.00"

Sorrento jewelry music box

Quick view Sorrento jewelry music box $167.00
H: 4.50" W: 4.50" L: 4.50"
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