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Classic Designs Music Boxes 2017 Oct 02

Music boxes are excellent gift items as well as collectibles. A music box is often a trinket box, water globe or rotating figurine. Music is produced when the trinket box is opened or the water globe or the figurine is rotated using keys.

The mechanism of the music box is simple. When the keyed up mechanism is released, a rotating drum with pre-designed notches pluck the teeth of a metal comb to produce a pre-set tune. This music notes often have different movements...… read more

Jewelry Music Boxes – Different Designs and Styles 2017 May 08

Sorrento, Italy is famous for exquisite wooden music boxes. The Sorrento artisans started using the old-world art of inlay in their carpentry as early as 13th century. They produced beautiful chests and cabinets which earned a place of their own in the inventory of world art pieces.

They used exotic woods that naturally exhibited a plethora of designs by virtue of the characteristic grains present in their hard wood. The Sorrento artists added very intricate inlay works to this natural beauty to produce stunningly beautiful wooden articles...… read more

Graduation gift ideas 2017 Apr 25

Graduation after completing a particular course is an occasion of celebration and congratulation. While it is a day of festivities for the graduate, commemorating an accomplishment, it is equally festive for friends and relatives who would like to share the sense of triumph. That is where gifts are relevant.

While speeches and parties are delightfully pertinent, gifts and mementoes are things that would bring back the live memories of those happy occasions even after many years. So gifting a student on his/her graduation is a highly significant deed.

While choosing the gifts for the occasion one should take many aspects into consideration. It should be an apt gift. You can choose gifts like something related to the graduate’s future aspirations, study table décor articles, photo frames etc...… read more

Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2017 Apr 25

“The hand that rocks the cradle (moulds) the world”. A slight adaptation of the adage is not at all out of place when we think of the wonderful human being who has given us unconditional love from the time we began as a cluster of cells in her womb. There is no way we can repay all the sacrifice she has taken upon herself for our welfare. To allot one day to remember her and honor her is scarcely enough. At the same time we must take it as a day on which we express our love to her in some tangible way.

Mothers’ day came into existence as a result of the efforts of one daughter to honor her mother and to extend the honor to all the mothers the world over. It was Anna Jarvis who decided that the mothers of the world deserve special consideration by her children at least for a day in a year.

So the practice of making the mother happy on the mothers’ day became a must. You can take your mother to dinners and on tours or to any activity she loves. But giving her a token of your love is imperative. How to choose an apt gift for the person who has gifted life to you? Here are some ideas that may help...… read more

Passover – Commemorating God’s Love 2017 Apr 10

Passover is Jewish festival that is celebrated from the 15th of the month of Nisan on the Hebrew calendar. It is a seven day festival. This is the most significant festival for the Jews, because it memorializes the liberation of the children of Israel from the slavery of Egyptians, under the leadership of Moses.

It is also celebrated as a spring festival. Before the ravage of the Temple of Israel the Israelites used to offer the first harvest of barley in the temple. This is because barley is the first crop that gets ready for harvest.

The story of this liberation which is termed as “The Exodus” in The Bible is a saga of Israelites’ struggle for freedom. God had ordered the Pharaoh to liberate his people from slavery in order to enable them to worship him. Pharaoh was not ready to oblige Him and God declared the visitation of ten plagues on the Egyptians.

Even after the ninth plague, the pharaoh refused to free the Israelites and God sent the final and the most serious one. The 10th plague caused the death of all the 1st born of Egypt. The Israelites were instructed to mark their doors with the blood of the sacrificed lamb, so that the angel of death could recognize them and pass over without harming them. This is why the festival is named ‘Passover’.

The first day of the Passover commences at the evening of the 14th and ends at the evening of the 15th. On the previous day the Jewish households conduct a thorough cleaning of their houses and clean them of every bit of leaven bread or chametz. This chametz is burned as a ritual before the commencing of Passover. It was said that while leaving Egypt, the Israelites were in a hurry and they did not get time to leaven the dough before baking bread. So it is forbidden to eat leaven food during the seven days of the Passover...… read more

Making of the Magnificent Sorrento Inlaid Music Boxes 2017 Jan 25

Sorrento is a small town located in the picturesque Bay of Naples in Italy. Bay of Naples is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Sorrento has a hand in making Bay of Naples famous. The Limoncello and the inlaid music boxes are the two things that instrumental in putting Sorrento on the tourist maps.

Limoncello is a digestive made from lemon rinds and the inlaid music boxes of Sorrento are trinket boxes that produce automatic music when they are opened. But the music boxes earned their p
lace in the list of the much sought-after gift articles by virtue of the han
dmade inlays on them. These inlaid designs range from simple floral designs to elaborate scenic designs. The colorful designs will attract you if you are an aesthetically tempered person. But they will hold you in awe when you know that the fabulous colors are not painted but made piece by piece by the artisan using wood veneers of different colors, without changing their nature-given colors...… read more

November – Sorrento Turns into a Beehive of Activities 2016 Nov 07


The winter activities in Sorrento Starts in November and goes on till January. This is the time of festivities in Sorrento and Amalfi coast. The Tasso Square in Sorrento is the eye of the whirlwind activities during the winter season. The square itself is not all that impressive when you consider its size. All the same, it is jam packed with numerous restaurants and shopping centers...… read more

A short article about Music boxes 2016 Jul 04

Sorrento music boxes are the hot favorite of the collectors all over the world. We are proud to offer you a variety of most stunning music boxes. These authentic music boxes are procured by us from the traditional artisans of Sorrento. They are the original handmade wonders from Italy... … read more

Beauty of Mechanical Music 2016 May 23

“Music is the universal language of mankind”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

But in this world, the people who can enjoy music are more, compared to those who can create it. That means music has to be taken all over the world, so that everyone can enjoy it, irrespective of the geographical, national, cultural or linguistic differences.

There are travelling performers who take their music to every nook and corner of the world. But this does not suit the people who like to enjoy music in private. This is where the mechanical music is relevant. Music can be stored and transported and could be played with the help of some mechanical devices.

From time immemorial man has tried to produce music and store it in various ways. He had found ways and means to produce music without the actual involvement of the musician from very ancient times. The barrel organ could be played by turning a handle. A preset musical notes could be played thus. This music could be taken to streets or dancehalls for public enjoyment...… read more

A Chronicle of Mechanical Music 2016 May 04

Producing music mechanically or without the direct involvement of human hands has been a fascination to man from a very early age. The earliest mention of such a mechanism has been recorded in 875 AD. The instrument was called a water organ. It was a hydraulically operated device.

Barrel organ

Thereafter many other small and big developments in the field occurred. But it was in the 16th century significant developments were made. In 1502 a mechanical musical instrument called ‘barrel organ’ was introduced. This produced pipe music. It was operated by turning a handle. The handle turned a barrel which was fixed with pegs. These pegs opened valves to produce different preset pitches to produce a preset tune. This was an instrument mainly used by street musicians of the time...… read more


Down the lane to the origin of music boxes 2016 Mar 23

The origin of the automatic music boxes can be traced back to man’s enthusiasm to create automated things. He started with making automated birds and animals. The Greeks were the ones who were enthusiastic about making mechanical animals and birds. From there, man’ attention was diverted to the production of automatic musical instruments.

During the 15th century there was a musical instrument called ‘carillon’. It was a tower of bells which was rung by a player to produce very pleasing rhythms. He did it by striking the bells with a hammer. Later, in the 13th century a clever carillon player in Flanders created a wooden cylinder with pins on it. They controlled some components which were connected to the hammers that struck the bells.

The spacing of the pins determined the rhythm. By changing the position of the pins one could change the rhythm. This mechanism is the now known forerunner of the present sophisticated musical boxes.

Later the music was produced and controlled by metallic drums with pins on them and a metal comb. The teeth of these metal combs are pre-tuned. While the drums rotate the pins pluck the teeth of the comb producing music. The cylinder is attached to springs which could be wound up.

However, the credit of producing the first miniature music box rests with a watch maker from Geneva. He was Louis Favre. Thereafter, in the 18th century production of musical snuff boxes began. They were called ‘carillons à musique’. They were so small that they could be carried in a gentle man’s coat pocket...… read more

How the Sorrento Music Boxes are made 2016 Mar 07

Sorrento is a beautiful town which is stretched on the side of a beautiful hill facing the blue waters of the Mediterranean. This is a peaceful tourist spot mostly covered with lime and orange groves.

The wood craft of Sorrento is centuries old. The craftsmen of Sorrento are trained in the art of marquetry and inlay. They use special wood veneers to create magnificent pictures with incredible details. The history of the marquetry is dated back to the era of the pharaohs in Egypt. It is an ancient art. The artisans of Sorrento are the modern experts in the art. They use this technique to create large wall panels, furniture and boxes...… read more

The Grand Carnival of Amalfi Coast 2016 Feb 23

A malfi, with its beaches and the mountain towns and lime and orange groves is a paradise on earth. February is pleasantly warm in Amalfi and therefore the festivities begin. Poised on the threshold of spring, the people and the atmosphere begin to get a special spark. That is when some of the local youngsters as early as 1999, thought of celebrating the end of the cold winter and the coming of spring.

They made the streets of Amalfi colorful with all kinds of festivities, concerts and processions. What started as a local spring celebration later took up incredible dimensions and now it is one of the most colorful February events in Italy. The weather, together with the fabulous beaches, attract a large number of tourists to Amalfi during the month of February. Now the Grand carnival that starts at the end of January is the main attraction.

 A present, the preparations for the 43rd Grand Carnival of Amalfi is in progress. It is scheduled from 31st January to 14th February.

The first event is the opening of the synthetic ice skating rink in the waterfront. It is mainly for the enjoyment of children. It will stay open till 14th February. On the 31st of January the Carnival for Children opens. Various shows and performances are roped in to mark the occasion. Children also get a chance to showcase their talents on this occasion...… read more

Feast of St. Antony of Sorrento, Italy 2016 Feb 22

On February 14th, while the whole world celebrates Valentine’s Day, the people of Sorrento are consumed in a kind of religious fervor. They celebrate the feast of their patron saint, St. Antony Abbot. He died on February 14th 626 AD.

 This is a two-day celebration that starts with people visiting the statue of the saint in the Basilica from the morning of the 13th and ends at the midnight of the 14th. People of Sorrento commemorate the death of their Patron with complete dedication and piety.

It is said that the Basilica which bears his name now was built by St. Antony himself, helped by Saint Catellus, on the instruction of Archangel Michael. At that time St. Antony was a monk. Now this basilica stands as one of the most venerated architectural wonders of the world. Hundreds of tourists visit the Basilica every year.

A host of legends that prove the miracles performed by the Patron Saint exists in Sorrento. People are ready to recite any number of them to you when you visit the place.… read more

Sorrento and Their Tradition of Making Music Boxes 2016 Feb 08

Sorrento and its wood work tradition

Sorrento is famous for its wood work for generations. The marquetry and inlay art belong to the age old tradition in Sorrento. For generations these people work using special kinds of wood to create great art.

The art of hand crafted inlays is a hereditary art in Sorrento. The technique of using veneers from different colored wood is a wonderful art. They create colorful inlays without using any artificial coloring agent. Instead, they use wood veneers with different colors. Maple, burl elm, white poplar, briar and rosewood are some of the special wood they use...… read more

Exquisite Sorrento Music Boxes 2015 Apr 16

The Sorrento music boxes are created using the expertise acquired from the artistic temperament of generations. The unique techniques of this wonderful wood craft are passed on from generations to generations, each generation honing the art with their own ideas and innovations. Now it has become an art par excellence. The craft calls for a high degree of handicraft skills and exquisite imagination.

The woods used for this art are special. They are hard wood which can be easily shaped and exhibits a grand show of wonderful grain formations and burls. Maple, burl elm and rose wood are the most popular among them. The specialty of these woods is that the coloration and grains and burls of these woods form beautiful natural designs. … read more


Sorrento Music Boxes - Excellent Gift items and Collectibles 2015 Mar 25

The art and architecture of Sorrento are greatly influenced by the great cultures that had occupied the city during the ancient times. The ancient masters of Greece, Rome and Byzantium have left their influence on the Sorrentine arts. The Sorrento music boxes are the best examples for this. The masterful handling of wood is very much evident in the creation of these inlaid boxes.  

These boxes make excellent gifts for any occasion. They come in different shapes and with a variety of inlays. There is a suitable inlay for every occasion and for people … read more



Captivating Events and Festivals of Sorrento 2015 Mar 12

The events and festivals celebrated by the people of Sorrento are even more spectacular than their colorful history and culture. They have different festivals and dance and music concerts all the year round. … read more


Sorrento and its Fantastic Cultural Amalgam 2015 Mar 12

The history of Sorrento is spectacular with a number of occupations and invasions. All these invaders had left their marks on the place and its culture. So the culture of Sorrento is unique because of the fact that it is the combination of a plethora of cultures. It is an incredible fusion of fact and fiction. The mythology says the peninsula was bestowed by the sirens upon Ulysses and his son. The only Siren temple in the world is said to have situated … read more


The Fascinating Facts in the Sorrento History 2015 Mar 10

Sorrento, Italy is a beautiful city draped over a mountain facing the bay of Naples. The history of Sorrento is somewhat obscure because its origin is somewhere in the distant past. The historian Diodoro Siculo claims that the city was founded by Liparos, son of Ulysses and Circe, the witch. So now it has acquired the quality of a fascinating myth. According to this view this city in those days worshiped the Sirens and even now the only temple of Sirens is situated in this city.

It is even said that the name of the city is derived from the word "Sirentum" meaning "Land of Sirens". However, there is another view that the name of the city is derived from the word "Surreo" meaning "to flow together". This idea is inspired by the presence of several rivers in the city flowing to join the same sea, the Tyrrhenian Sea. … read more


The Land of Magnificent Mountains and Valleys 2015 Feb 27

As you possibly remember, our original Company of music boxes named Amazing music box was established in 2001.

Since then, we have been to Sorrento several times to make the best possible selection of the music boxes for you, our customers!

When we first planned an Italian tour to check upon the famous Sorrento music boxes, travel agents suggested a package containing, Naples, Sorrento and Amalfi coast. These much visited tourist spots lie along the southern coast of Italy. First we landed in Naples and from there we decided to take the circumvesuvian rail line so that we could enjoy the scenic beauty of the Mediterranean … read more

What Makes a Music Box a Perfect Valentine's Day gift? 2015 Feb 16

Romantic love thrives on music. Music and musical instruments are much linked with love and lovers. Knowing this fact we have created a number of suitably designed music boxes that are simply adored by lovers. If you are searching for a suitable Valentine’s Day gift idea, have a look at our collection. They are of a wide range and capable of satisfying the most … read more

Thinking of Surprising Your Sweet Heart on Valentine's Day? Gift her with a Music Jewelry Box 2015 Jan 28

Valentine’s Day is at hand and you will be worrying your head, thinking about the most suitable gift for your beloved. It has to be unique and impressive. It has to be romantic and at the same time useful. How about a music box?

Our music box inlaid with two hearts is just the thing for you. Your sweetheart cannot be but overjoyed by it, especially when she can keep some of her prized jewelry items in it.

Make and Design – This is a fabulous music box, which is handmade in Sorrento, Italy. The workmanship of the box is of the highest order. The white gloss finish with the cream designs lends the box an exquisite charm. The two intertwining hearts with flowers talk volumes about the love you cherish for your … read more



History of music boxes 2014 Sep 17

The curiosity for mechanical devices dates all the way back ancient Greeks, who were obsessed with creating mechanical living beings. So automata were invented. These mechanical toys copied in metal, wood and stone the likeness of birds, gods and moving objects. Since that time, mechanical devices went through many changes and transformed through the ages.

From clumsy automaton, to giant musical town clocks and down to the mechanical music movement that could fit into a little box or even a watch. And so the old-world charming design of the a music box was created, combining an aesthetically pleasant look … read more 

What is unique about Reuge mechanical music? 2014 Sep 17

The wide range of incredible mechanical music that Ruege provides include extravagant objects d’art, beautiful singing birds, sophisticated musical pocket watches and of course the beautiful music boxes. Manufacturing of each piece is a traditional ages old process dating back 200 years, yet performed with top of the line technology, that allows to create mechanical devices with precision never seen before. Reuge’s is the only company whose movements are all made and assembled in Sainte-Croix … read more

History of Reuge Music 2014 Sep 12

As a sophisticated company with one of a kind product, Reuge has a long and rich history, starting almost two centuries ago. The beginning of reuge dates back to 1865 with a watchmaker by the name Charles Reuge. The first step towards creating the company was when he moved to Sainte-Croix to fulfill his dream of making musical pocket watches. More than 20 years later in 1886, his son, Albert Reuge has started a company under … read more

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