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2018 Sorrento holidays – Attractions

Sorrento, the native land of the magnificent Inlay music boxes is an incredibly scenic town which is draped over the rocky hills overlooking the Gulf of Naples. The town with its modern civilization is rife with centuries old ruins of temples and palaces. These ancient relics have a lot of stories and legends to share with its visitors.

Sorrento is a picturesque tourist spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature with its incredible manifestations in the form of the narrow but peaceful beaches with its fabulous Mediterranean sun and mind-boggling blue sea. The tourists find these as the very representations of heaven on earth.

The intriguing cobbled alleys winding through the sprawling hills of Sorrento offer an extraordinary trekking experience. These paths often culminate in beautiful natural terraces at various points. The scenes from these crude but fabulous viewpoints provide a chance to click some of the most fabulous photographs of your life if you are interested in the art. Besides these, the Villa Comunale Park provides magnificent view points from which the view of the Vesuvius is a marvelous sight. The spectacle of blazing sunset from the rails of the park is a visual treat.

The ruins of ancient pagan temples stand among these hills as a remainder of a mystic era which serves as the source of legends of beautiful sirens who used to lure the sailors to their doom. Standing among these remnants now overgrown with wild vines, you would be transported to those bygone times. The experience is matchless.

The citrus groves that fill the air with the heady aroma of the sprays of lemon and orange flowers are a feast to your olfactory senses. The air has a pure quality that is very rare on earth at present. It gives you energy and refreshes all your senses. The limoncello is the unique drink of Sorrento and you get to enjoy this in the way-side restaurants. In short Sorrento offers a sumptuous treat for all the five senses.

Sorrento is known all over the world for marquetry work. The music boxes that are produced here have found their way to the collection of many a royal palace throughout the world. Apart from the romantic idea of someone you love opening it accompanied by a beautiful tune, the artistic skill that goes into the creation of each box enhances its value. The technique of inlay has acquired a legendary perfection with the Sorrento artisans.

You can enjoy visits to many historical museums in Sorrento. Besides, you can use Sorrento as a spring board to visit a lot of tourist attractions which are available with a short bus ride or boat ride. In short, Sorrento is a perfect tourist heaven. Ring in 2018 while enjoying Sorrento’s citrus flavored night air.

by Marina Chernyak

Marina Chernyak
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