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Capture Your Man’s Heart with Magnificent Gifts

Exchanging gifts is an integral part of human relationships. They help you to declare your feelings for your partner without being exceedingly voluble about it. The messages conveyed through gifts are often very powerful. You can always surprise the man in your life with such a gift.You need not worry your pretty head searching for suitable gift ideas. You only have to browse through our site. It contains a good number of fabulous gift ideas. When you think of gifting a man, you should know about his special interests.


Murano glass gifts

Nautical figurines

Murano glass artisans produce a variety of spectacular calcedonia articles fit for a man’s collection. Your adventurous man is sure to be enamoured by the spectacular nautical figures crafted by master artisans of Murano.

Marine animals

Murano glass masters are experts in freezing many sea creatures in very fluid motion. The playful dolphins, magnificent rays and other ornamental fish in various stages of motion are worthy of your hero’s office table. Standing on his table they will always remind him of you.

Animal figures

Animal figures like that of a rearing wild mustang or a sinewy elephant figurine emits masculine strength and will surely provide your man with the required strength and energy.

Abstract creations

Some ideas and sentiments can be expressed more concretely by being rather abstract. Many of the Murano glass figurines represent the art of balancing. The calcedonia twist for example present balance as well as grace of spiral forms. The balancing squares, ovals and triangles on the other hand, present geometrical balance that can be achieved through careful balance of emotions and sentiments of partners. When you choose such a figurine for your masculine partner he will be impressed with the complementary nature of your relationship.


Romantic figurines

The calcedonia figurines of Murano artists are vociferous expressions of romantic love in themselves. They will leave no room for any doubt about your sentiments for him.

Music boxes

Music boxes are right romantic gifts. Present your man with a cufflink or a tie pin packed in a musical trinket box. He is sure to enjoy opening it to a romantic tune. We have a number of music boxes with manly themes.




Limoges boxes

Beautiful Limoges porcelain boxes and figures are excellent gift articles. Our Limoges collection includes innumerable themes that will be of interest to any man. They will all serve as table decor pieces that can decorate a man’s office, in short, is your own personal shopping site. Your imagination may shape it and we are sure to possess it. Just choose it for the man in your life.


 by Marina Chernyak




Quick view THE PROPOSAL STEIN $172.97  $143.50
Height: 8-1/2"

Gift box tulips

Quick view Gift box tulips $252.33  $216.20
H: 1.50" W: 1.25" L: 1.25"
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