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November – Sorrento Turns into a Beehive of Activities

The winter activities in Sorrento Starts in November and goes on till January. This is the time of festivities in Sorrento and Amalfi coast. The Tasso Square in Sorrento is the eye of the whirlwind activities during the winter season. The square itself is not all that impressive when you consider its size. All the same, it is jam packed with numerous restaurants and shopping centers.

The most important event that attracts art lovers all over the world to Sorrento is an exhibition of the early works of a Baroque era painter and poet, Salvatore Rosa. His “unorthodox and extravagant” art inspires many artists who want to do something that does not conform to tradition and convention. Salvatore Rosa is considered to be a ‘rebel’ in his art.

Every November the early works of this 17th century artist are displayed in an exhibition that is usually prolonged to January of the following year. This exhibition includes the multimedia production of some of his works also. This exhibition is commonly known as “Il giovane Salvator Rosa” or “Young Salvatore Rosa”. It is conducted in Museo Correale.

A ll the activities occur under the humongous Christmas tree that is installed in the square. People do all their Christmas shopping around this fabulous installation. This is often termed as “Shopping under tree”.

The Christmas shopping in Tasso square is not going to be a mundane affair. You can enjoy a host of entertainments both indoors and outdoors. There will be entertainment programs conducted in the historic center. You will find it extremely pleasing to take a short respite from the laborious shopping to enjoy a concert or the famous puppet theater in Piazzo Tasso.

There are also a number of street performers to entertain you while you shop. The city streets turn into a place of festivities and entertainments during this period. At 6 pm with the switching-on of the lights of the enormous Christmas tree, the square will blaze forth with the light from a thousand light bulbs on the tree.

There are film festivals and cinema related shows in Sorrento in November. The film buffs all over the world get an opportunity to enjoy the screening of films. They also get an opportunity to hone their professional skills through interaction with contemporary artists from the world over, during the film festivals.

The shopping centers in the Tasso square present great opportunities for you to shop to your fill. You get all you want for your Christmas celebration from around the Tree.

The Gastronomy is great in Sorrento at this time of the year. You get to taste all the delicious traditional cuisine. The food festivals are often the high lights of November in Sorrento.

November to January is a fabulous time to be in Sorrento Italy. You get glimpses of the Sorrento culture in all the activities. This pre-Christmas time in Sorrento is the right time to visit the place. You can enjoy the essence of Sorrento and Amalfi coast.


by Marina Chernyak


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