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History of Reuge Music

As a sophisticated company with one of a kind product, Reuge has a long and rich history, starting almost two centuries ago. The beginning of reuge dates back to 1865
 with a watchmaker by the name Charles Reuge. The first step towards creating the company was when he moved to Sainte-Croix to fulfill his dream of making musical pocket watches. More than 20 years later in 1886, his son, Albert Reuge has started a company under their family name, “Reuge”.


Sainte-Croix, Switzerland

Later on with his successors, Guido and Albert, true entrepreneurs and innovators, the company under their initiative started producing luxury musical movements, which helped company to go on after an interruption on border of 19th and 20th century. The true breaking point for the company happened in 1988 when a group of Swiss investors bought Reuge and started an aspiring restruction and modernization throughout the company. Under the new management Reuge was ready to face the 21st century while preserving its tradition, its history and its spirit. 

by Marina Chernyak


Amazing Music Boxes

ballerina shoe Sorrento music box

Quick view ballerina shoe Sorrento music box $159.00  $146.00
H: 2.5" W: 4.25" L: 4.75"

Fairy on flower burl music box

Quick view Fairy on flower burl music box $169.00  $166.30
H: 2.50" W: 4.25" L: 3.50"
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