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Welcome to Amazing Music Box & Gifts Co.!
We are the original online music box gifts company, and we want to thank you, our customers, for nine great years as the number one music boxes and gifts site on the web.  It has always been our commitment to offer the widest selection and the lowest prices online as well as offline.
What we offer: Our music boxes are hand made by artisans from Sorrento, Italy. Each music box comes with a variety of colors, finishes, inlays, and sizes. Our melodies are Swiss-made Romance mechanical movements by Reuge. We also carry the Sankyo mechanical music movements from Japan. Our music boxes are highly personalized! Choose your favorite inlaid music box and select a sentimental melody. We will build it for you, and deliver it to you within a week (or even sooner, if you ask us).
We specialize in Music Boxes including Reuge Music Boxes, Swiss Music Boxes, Italian Sorrento Inlaid Music Boxes, Musical Figurines, and the beautiful Disc Music Boxes. We also offer Animated Singing Birds by Reuge, and Gorgeous Musical Pocket Watches. We also do corporate gifts and custom orders. 
We started our company in 2001 and have since introduced a number of new high end product lines from Italy including Murano Glass, Venetian Masks, and Venetian Mirrors. 
Enjoy our collection!
Marina Chernyak