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Captivating Events and Festivals of Sorrento


The events and festivals celebrated by the people of Sorrento are even more spectacular than their colorful history and culture. They have different festivals and dance and music concerts all the year round.

Sorrento Religious Events

There are a number of religious events conducted most extravagantly in Sorrento. Christmas, of course, is the main Sorrento festivity. The people of Sorrento celebrate the birth of the holy child in a dazzling fashion. Christmas lights and decorations are extravagantly colorful. Myriads of churches in Sorrento will be out with their own decorations and displays. Most of these hand-crafted decorations represent dramatic biblical scenes as well as more ordinary town scenes.

Christmas is a time for merriment and so several exhibitions, shows and concerts are bestowed upon the townspeople, free of cost. The most joyous one among the great musical fiesta is the carol singing performed by various choirs. The city sponsors a variety of classical concerts and other concerts by national and international musicians.

Villa Florentino often exhibits a plethora of exquisite handicrafts of miniature town scenes by the local artists. The exhibition is free on the Christmas Eve. On December 23rd and 31st the city-sponsored entertainments take place in the Piazza Tasso erected by the town. Moreover, traffic is banned in the old town on the Christmas day for the people to enjoy themselves more freely on the streets.

The Christmas village market is another highlight of Christmas season. This is the most suitable time for visiting Sorrento to enjoy its cultural and artistic heritage.


Easter is an extremely solemn Sorrento event, especially the days before resurrection. The Thursday before the Good Friday is the penitents’ day. People wear white dress and conduct processions. On Good Friday they go on procession wearing black clothes as a sign of sorrow on Jesus Christ’s death.


Saint Antonio’s feast

Saint Antonio is regarded as the patron saint of Sorrento. He is said to have saved Sorrento and its people from the disastrous bombardments during World War II. As a sign of gratitude the town conducts an annual festival in his name during which great deal of celebration and a grand procession are conducted in Sorrento.

Sorrento Cultural Events

From March to September is the season of concerts and various other cultural events in Sorrento.

The Ravello Festival starts in March and continues till late October. During this time a variety of outdoor cultural events are conducted. Orchestral concerts, ballet performances, film screenings and a number of other cultural exhibitions are carried out during this festival. The venue of these performances and renditions is often the overhanging terrace of Villa Rufelo Gardens. Many musicians of international fame take part in this festival. The excitement of the festival reaches its crescendo during the period from June to September.

Sagra del Tonno is a unique Sorrento fish festival celebrating fishing. This festival, however, is dedicated to tuna and anchovies. The delicacies using these two fish are the highlight of this festival. A visitor who misses this festival can obtain fish delicacies preserved in olive oil even after the festival.

There are many other small and big festivals that serve as attractions to tourists and thus Sorrento tourism thrives on these events as well as its rich architectural wonders and old world charm.

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